🏅POAPS in Gather

Providing Proof of Attendance (POAP) Tokens

Organizations can offer POAPS as tokens of attendance to guests. These tokens are then either stored behind a wallet address, or an email. Example uses include:

  1. Offering a token for attending the event.

  2. Offering a token as proof for completing a task at an event. For example reading content at individual booths.

Read these resources before beginning (10-15 min)

  1. Why has my POAP Drop not been approved yet? It takes roughly 48 hours to get approved

  2. Other FAQs - POAP Help Center

  3. If you get stuck or have any other questions, you can speak directly with a POAP Rep (via a chatbot)

Gather POAP Bot - By andrei0x309

Forum Post - Post questions here.

Current commands chat for bot are:

  • /bot disconnect to disconnect the bot

  • /bot send-poap sends POAP links to the connected users on the Gather Space

  • /bot poap-new-users sends POAP to new users that have joined the Gather Space

  • /bot teleport-to-me teleports the bot-character to the user that sent the command

Manual Way - POAP via Interactive Objects

POAP Token Steps

  1. Create the POAP Event and Delivery

    1. POAP Event Creation Page: Create the POAP event by following these steps.

    2. POAP Delivery Page: Create a delivery (see steps) to input the collected Ethereum wallet addresses (addresses will go in the “List of Addresses for Delivery” input field).

  2. Add an Interactive Object: If you want to award the token for just attending an event, you can create a POAP Website for delivery. Then, add an interactive object in the Gather Space that directs the guest to the website to claim their token.

    To ensure that random people do not claim your event’s POAP, do not make the POAP Website URL public!

Guide: Scavenger Hunt for POAP

  1. Create a Key

    1. Create a Google form. On the form, collect the attendee's email address and Ethereum wallet address.

    2. Use the Google form URL as the "key" that can be divided between booths. For example, you can split the Google form URL of “https://forms.gle/cer4Wn6fswaTGhbH7” into 4 parts to place in 4 booths. Split the URL into parts, each with a number: [1: https://forms.] [2: gle/cer] [3: 4Wn6fswa] [4: TGhbH7].

    3. Send each vendor their "key" so that they can add it to their content (e.g., on a pdf).

  2. Add Interactive Content in the Booths

    Add an interactive object at the vendor booth that provides the vendor's key. For example, you can add a “file” object to a vendor table and use the embedded website field to Upload a PDF in Gather.

  3. Provide instructions to attendees / advertise this feature to attendees

    1. Create content that tells attendees what they will need to do and send it to attendees before your event.

      For example, instructions could be:

      1. Walk up to a booth and talk to the booth representatives.

      2. View the embedded media (press “X”) and copy their secret key, noting the number of the key.

      3. Combine all the keys in sequential order to get the Google form URL. Visit the URL and submit your email address and wallet address.

    2. Add an interactive object in the Gather Space with the instructions, as well. (A “bulletin” object would be a good choice!)

  4. Use the collected email and Ethereum addresses to send out the token!

    The final step is to send your POAP delivery page to all of the attendees to claim their POAPs!

We are talking with the POAP team regarding a possible POAP dispenser object in Gather! No timeline on this yet, but we are waiting on some API changes to make this soon possible.

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