⚙️Gather for DAOs


Gather is currently running a trial program that provides Premium 500 person Spaces for FREE for DAOs. Apply to the program here: https://forms.gle/PJcY3nYtdfMNjEse6 We are only running this with a small cohort so please apply early!


Gather's 8-bit virtual spaces allow DAO members to meet each other for work and play in a fun retro environment. You can host all kinds of events in your space, ranging from socials or coworking sessions to committee meetings or partnership meetings. You can even play games or escape rooms while in the space — all in your browser on desktop or mobile.

See Gather in action here!


💡 Gather is a spatial audio/video chat platform where you move around a customized 2D space and can talk, interact and do activities with others. It's a place for your DAO members to have meetings, socialize and form deeper bonds with other members.


  • Scheduled Social Activities

    • You can host social sessions in your Gather space,

    • You can easily spice up the activities by adding template rooms to your space, such as the Game Room or Dungeon Escape template (via the mapmaker).

  • Meetings with DAO Contributors

  • Community Calls

    • Host community calls & meetups in Gather instead of Discord!

    • You can have up to 500 users concurrently in the space! As the number of visitors increases, more planning is needed. Please follow our best practices for space design doc.

    • Some of the other benefits:

      • Community members aren't just avatars or usernames, they feel like real people.

      • Community members stick around after the call and hang in groups and socialize



  • BEST PRACTICES - Please read through our Best Practices for Space Creation

  • NEED HELP? - Use a Gather Partner: https://www.gather.town/partners

  • SPOTLIGHT - one person talks to everyone (is limited to 100 people)

    • Workshops and talks greater than 100 people should be held in a separate video platform (Zoom, Meets) or streaming platform (Youtube, Twitch, Streamyard)

    • You can add the stream as an special object to the Gather space so users can view it.

    • You can embed a Zoom/Meets link in Gather using an external call object. This will take some experimentation. You can place multiple interactive objects all around the space for people to join.

  • LARGE EVENTS - Larger events can be hosted (500+ attendees) by connecting multiple Gather spaces that can be duplicates of each other to keep things simple

  • CUSTOMIZE - You can fully customize your space by using the third party program 'Tiled'; an extremely helpful tool where you can create 'backgrounds' that are aligned to the appropriate resolution.


    • Use the in-built Doors or Password-Doors feature to seperate your space!

      • You could have your core team virtual office in the same map as your community space!

      • Separate a public lobby from the rest of the DAO space!

    • Also check Token / NFT Gatingfor web3-native ways of access control!

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